Dessert Tables starting at $495.00

Sweet Love Dessert Table Package
All tables are 100% customizable!

Includes (but NOT limited to):
Cake Pops
Rice Krispie Treats (dipped, any color)
Candy in jars
Color scheme, Setup, Breakdown, jars, plates, tablecloth, table skirt (if applicable), tongs, scoops, desserts, design, décor, to-go bags, labeling of food items
*Does Not include theme (themed tables start at $595.00 and are considered add-ons)
Dessert Add-ons:
Custom Cake Pops
Custom Cake
Smash Cake
French Macarons
    Custom Sugar Cookies
    Madeline Cookies
Double Stuffed Oreos (dipped)
Large Marshmallows (dipped)
 Strawberries (dipped)
Twinkies (dipped)
Mini Brownies
Cake Shots (served with mini spoon)
Candy Kabobs
Apples (dipped)
Pretzel Rods (dipped)
Powdered Donuts
Donuts (drizzled)
Cupcake Minis
Alcohol infused cake
Mini chocolate chip cookie Pies
Chocolate Chip cookies
Candy Sushi
Chocolate Lollipops
Jumbo Lollipops
And Many More!!

Table/Décor Add-Ons
Backdrop (Board/Draping)
Custom To-go Bags/Boxes
Personalized/Custom Food Labels
Balloon Columns
Floral Centerpiece
Large Teddy Bear
Custom Table
To get quote:
Simply email us with the following information and we will respond within 48 hours. Please note once you receive a quote, you may remove or add items as many times as you want until you are satisfied!!
-type of event
-start time/end time
-location of event
-theme/color scheme
-which add-ons are you interested in
*Please note all details play a part in the price.
Ex: A table for a wedding in Manhattan may be more than the same table for a wedding in Long Island.
Please let us know if you have any questions.
Thank you for considering The Sweet Love Company!!